You’re Probably Achieving Nothing By Working Overtime


Working overtime is costing you a lot of energy, and, of course, time. And even if you get paid a little extra for it, it’s not doing a damn thing for your company’s bottom line nor productivity.

A new Stanford University study reports that over half of American workers work 50 hours or more a week without overtime pay, and it’s not even a steal for their employers, because, well, they’re not accomplishing much. Researchers found that employee output faces a steep drop after a 50-hour work-week, completely kicks rocks after 55 hours, to the point where someone working 70 hours produces literally nothing extra with those extra 15 hours. (That may be because, well, they’re freakin’ exhausted.) NBC News reports that longer hours have also been connected to absenteeism (wonder why?) and higher rates of employee turnover (because they just can’t take it anymore).

To give an idea of how dangerous overtime work is, especially if you’re underpaid for it, know that the CDC has a whole section of their website dedicated to how it can make you sick. Like, really, really sick.

I wrote this article at the office of my day job while waiting for my boyfriend, who works a floor below me, to get out of work. But seriously, I need to go home. So do you. Go home, go to bed, and be more productive tomorrow.

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