Your Lack Of Work-Life Balance Is All Your Boss’s Fault

angry boss yelling at female employee at laptop

We already covered that work-life balance is dying. Now let’s look at why.

A survey from Workfront states that work-life balance is flailing for most of us, and that the majority of us blame our “demanding” and “overbearing” employers and bosses for it.

With that in mind, what came in second place? Being expected to work beyond normal business hours (which, honestly, can be factored into the “crappy bosses” response) and, as well as a lack of flexible schedule for time off and vacations (again—good bosses can fix this, bad bosses won’t).

Respondents in the survey also reported long commutes being a problem, which I can attest to firsthand: Remember Chris Christie’s bridgegate? It took my commute from 45 minutes to over two hours and made me leave what could have been a promising position. (I’ve since gone on to bigger and better things, but I’d be lying if that wasn’t the main factor in my exit.)

Workers note that the option to work remotely would improve their work-life balance, though it’d do so through creating work-life integration (remember that?). Even more, 70 percent of workers surveyed simply want more flexibility in scheduling. Another potential solution? Not having meetings after certain hours (say, 3pm), which would be great, because, well, how many times have you left a meeting with nothing to show for it but a waste of your time and donut crumbs on your shirt? Other options include only having employees respond to business emails during business hours, and offering more vacation time.

Bosses, are you listening? Let us live.

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