Yelp Open Letter Writer Talia Jane Is A Dishwasher Now

Remember Talia Jane? The Yelp employee who wrote an open letter to her CEO on Medium and was somehow shocked that she got fired?

She’s back.

Jane wrote a first-person essay for The New York Post describing in a bit more detail what led to her Medium meltdown, as well as what she’s up to these days. A quick rundown:

  • People who worked with her at Yelp were essentially starving, because like her, life in the Bay Area is basically too expensive to live. Yes, she didn’t have a roommate, but it’s also important to note that she lived 30 miles out from San Francisco, so you’d think her rent would have been lower for that reason alone. This made her commute more expensive.
  • She turned down offers to appear on TV to avoid looking like she was “glory-grabbing.”
  • She sold everything she owned and moved to New York to room with a friend. New York is also very expensive.
  • She applied to a lot of jobs, just like the rest of us do. Only Starbucks called her back. When they realized who she was — because she openly bragged about writing the infamous open letter during her interview when asked about her termination — she didn’t become a barista. Surprise!
  • She gets “odd writing gigs” and is now a dishwasher in Midtown. Remember that when she was at Yelp, she was “too stressed” to complete her freelance assignments.
  • She wants to be a comedy writer.
  • Yelp raised their wages from $12.25 to $14 an hour.
  • Stefanie Williams, who wrote a rebuttal with some factual errors (Talia Jane doesn’t have a degree, for example, and couldn’t move back home), got a TV deal.
  • She would write the letter again.

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