“My Ex Was Secretly Dipping Into My Bank Account”

If you have an ex—which most of us do—you’ve probably received the “You’re better off without them” speech from a friend.

“You’re too smart/attractive/cool for that person,” said friend will tell you. You always hated their style/dog/way they chew anyway.

And now that you’ve broken up, they’ll say, you look better, feel better and have more time to exercise/score that promotion at work!

But what if the breakup left you better off in other ways?

Say, richer? Or without a significant other who was secretly dipping into your checking account?

That’s just what happened to the five people below. There are many financial red flags in a relationship, and their cautionary tales can help you avoid falling into a relationship you’re—at least fiscally speaking—better off without.

“My Ex Was Secretly Dipping Into My Bank Account”

Audrey, 38, New York, NY

“When my ex and I rented our first apartment together, it wound up being way too expensive. We were in our 20s, and our eyes were too big for our budget. At the time, our rent was $2,000 a month, and was in direct violation of the 50/20/30 rule because my portion of the rent represented about half of my take-home pay. For my ex, who was only sporadically employed, it was a lot more.

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