How To Use The 45/15 Rule To Procrastinate Effectively

woman with clock

I love procrastinating so much that I watched a bunch of hedgehog videos before settling down to write this. That said, there are good and bad ways to procrastinate. Experts generally agree that giving yourself chunks of time in which you allow yourself to procrastinate is actually more productive than just attempting to force yourself to muscle through your day without a break.

One way to do it? The 45/15 method, which is pretty simple: For every 45 minutes of doing mundane actual work, you get 15 minutes to do whatever—spend too much money on dresses at ModCloth (my favorite, to be honest), dick around on Facebook, go for a walk, or, should you so choose, keep on working.

Two tips to using the 45/15 method without getting too leisurely: Set alarms (if you take too long of a break, you may not want to get back to work) and start each day with a list of tasks to complete that day. Chances are by hour five or six of your workday, you’ll have accomplished a lot more than you would if you just dedicated three straight hours to playing Candy Crush instead of a precious 15 minutes each hour that feels like a reward.

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