Checking Work Emails After Hours Hurts Your Social Life (And Body)

Checking work email after hours may do some real harm to your social life.

A survey of 1,000 workers by mobile software firm Good Technology reports that 68 percent of people checked work email before 8 am and 50 percent checked it while in bed, which is so sad because beds should just be for two things. Possibly more depressing, 57 percent of workers admit to checking work emails while on family outings, while 38 percent regularly do at the dinner table because apparently immediacy trumps manners. And, well, that pisses off a lot of the people around you, like your family, friends and significant others, who aren’t getting the attention from you that they feel that they deserve. Another downside? You’re not even as sharp when you respond to work emails after hours, because you’re distracted by everything else non-work related that’s going on around you.

The studies report that the more educated and higher-up you are at work, the more likely you’ll be on call, whether voluntarily or not, than your lower-level colleagues.

In addition to the stress of a lack of work-life balance and the psychological issues that can ensue as a result, another study showed that checking work email after hours can also cause gastrointestinal and cardiovascular problems. Uh, yikes. If you have no other incentive to unplug when you leave the office, let it at least be diarrhea prevention.

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