A Good Husband Can Nab You A $4K Raise

Marrying rich can make you rich. That’s a given, but it’s not for all of us. (Some of us are too mouthy.) However, a new study shows that a husband or partner with one specific personality trait can help you earn more money and get a raise at work.

Research shows that a conscientious partner can make you “50 percent more likely to get a promotion than someone who has a spouse who acts extremely unconscientiously.”

Conscientious folks tend to be organized, good at planning and less impulsive than others. This means while a conscientious husband may not necessarily surprise you with a ticket to Tahiti for this weekend, he or she is probably good at doing chores and the like, which gives you more time to make that dough. Conscientious partners also tend to be more satisfied in their marriages, which means they’re not going to make you waste energy on drama and whining, which, again, gives you more time to dedicate to your job. Additionally, their behavior rubs off on you, in turn making you more responsible. Nice!

So if you’re looking for a husband, do yourself a favor and get a man, not a manchild. You won’t have time to be the boss if you’re busy being a mom to a 35-year-old who can’t pick up his own socks.

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