7 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Office Christmas Party

Your office Christmas party is coming! Here’s how to survive it without making an ass out of yourself or seeming like a Grinch.

1. Show up. I know, your couch is more inviting and you won’t have to share your egg nog, but it looks good for you to show face. Do it. It’s an excuse to dress up!

2. Mingle. It’s a lot easier, and probably more fun, to cling to Kristin from accounting because you know her, she’s familiar, and she’s the best. But chat up people from other departments, whether they’re lateral or above your own. If everyone knows your name and remembers your cute gingerbread house earrings, you’ll earn good will throughout your company.

3. Don’t get drunk. Of course an open bar is fun, but don’t get sloppy, or else HR will have to call your mom to pick you up from the venue. (This has actually happened, and it wasn’t pretty.) If you want one drink to get enough of a brave buzz to greet the CEO, fine. But leave it at that so you’re not vomiting on his shoes at the end of the night.

4. Look festive. Cute accessories or an ugly Christmas sweater are ice breakers and will make people remember you.

5. Don’t be the first to arrive or the last to go. The exception to this is if you’re with a group who has an early shift!

6. Be polite to your servers. Tip your bartenders and be kind. They want to be there as much as you do.

7. Don’t whine about the food or anything else. If you wouldn’t do it at someone’s house or wouldn’t want them doing it at your wedding, don’t do it at your company Christmas party. Wait to text your work BFF when you get in your ride home.

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