7 Reasons To Open Your Own Etsy Shop

A recent report said that over 86 percent of Etsy shop owners are women, and they mostly enjoy some degree of success—or at least break even while doing something that they enjoy. Here are a few reasons why you crafty girls should consider opening your own Etsy shop to join the 86 percent.

1. You can fulfill a need that hasn’t been done before. My pet name for my boyfriend is “Pumpkin Pie,” because it’s my favorite and so is he. For my birthday last year, one of my gifts was custom made pumpkin pie earrings from an Etsy shop. Why from an Etsy shop? Because he couldn’t find them anywhere else in New York City. And yes, I love them.

2. You don’t have to quit your full-time job. You can maintain your financial security with your day job while making extra cash doing something you love at night via Etsy. Of course, this can vary depending on what you sell in your Etsy shop, the volume of your orders and how labor intensive your creations are.

3. You can work from home. A pal of mine who’s a stay-at-home mom was looking for jobs she could do from home with her tyke, who, because of health problems, she’s nervous about leaving in day care. Instead of finding a job, a job found her: Etsy. She’s artsy and is making a living for herself party-planning and creating wedding favors from her Etsy shop.

4. There are hardly any startup costs. You won’t have to take an expensive loan to open an Etsy shop, and you won’t have to worry about overhead costs beyond your supplies and shipping.

5. You don’t need a resume. Your work will speak for itself.

6. You’re your own boss. That means you get to make your own hours and take off whenever you feel like, barring any client deadlines.

7. You can recruit other women to help if you feel like it. Pay it forward, sister!

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