6 Ways To Make Your Commute To Work Less Awful

Commuting is its own version of Hell. It’s crowded, it usually smells funky, people are pushy–it’s pretty much never a picnic unless you have a private helicopter piloting you around. And even then, those things are so loud. Here are a few suggestions to make your commute less of a miserable time.

1. Have a pre-work playlist. Listening to upbeat tracks on your commute into work will psych you up and energize you do the day ahead. Save the Coldplay ande softer songs for the ride home when you want to zen out.

2. Bring a book. You’ll have something to look forward to besides just your subway stop, and your brain will get a little workout, too.

3. Better yet, bring a newspaper. You’ll have something to talk about with coworkers, as well as be inspired with new ideas to potentially impress your boss.

4. Check your work emails.
If you have cell service, this is a good way to prepare yourself for whatever you’re walking into today: You’ll have time to collect yourself, prepare a response or at least just delete the spam that clutters your inbox and kills your productivity throughout the morning.

5. Start on a to-do list. By writing put your tasks, you have clear goals set for the day be for it begins. You’ll feel more in control and accomplished before you even get to your desk.

6. Nap. If you’re exhausted, you’re not going to perform well. Just make sure you wake up when you get to your destination, and try not to drool on the person next to you.

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