6 Bad Habits That Can Kill Your Chance At A Promotion

If you’re trying to get a promotion, you need to do a few things: Record your achievements, negotiate with your boss, and make sure you break any of the following bad habits that you may have … at least for a few months before your annual review.

1. Stop showing up late.
Tardiness isn’t cute. Sure, s*it happens, but be honest: Your train isn’t delayed every single day, and if it is, you need to leave earlier or plan a new commute.

2. Stop slouching.
You look low-energy and uninterested.

3. Stop procrastinating.
Procrastinating is one of the most annoying bad habits because it doesn’t just hurt you, it also hurts your boss and your coworkers when you slack off so much that your project is turned in late. Get off Facebook for 10 minutes and get your stuff done.

4. Stop lying.
Perhaps the most egregious of all bad habits at work, lying on your time cards, your resume, or just about your progress on an assignment eventually will come back to bite you. It’s a lot to remember.

5. Stop gossiping at work.
If someone says something nasty about a colleague, reply with a compliment. For example, if Janet says that Susan has bad breath, retort with, “Oh, really? She did an awesome job with that client report last week.” Everything that anyone says will eventually get back to the subject, so keep the stuff that comes out of your mouth polite, kind and complimentary.

6. Stop being a lone wolf.
Listen, I get it. I’m not a team player either. But I can pretend to be one if it means I’m going to get a raise.

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