2 Healthy Lunch Ideas For Working Women

Packing your own lunch is a smart decision both financially and for your health. It’s easy to pick up a sandwich at the deli, or even a to-go salad from the grocery store. Those options are fine every once in awhile, but the price and the mystery ingredients can start to take a toll. Brown-bagging doesn’t have to be a bummer. Many of these ideas are simple ways to rework leftovers, making them easy and inexpensive. Working women don’t always have time to prepare the perfect, healthy lunch, but these ideas can help inspire you to get creative with simple ingredients. Here’s some easy ideas for some delectable lunches for working women.

Fruit, Nuts, and, Cheese

This option is the ultimate in easy preparation. Any fruit, nut or cheese will do, and you can prepare them in quantities as large or small as you’d like. Single serving cheeses like string cheese, or Laughing Cow (or even fancier cheeses, if you’re so inclined), make it even easier to prepare. Fruit and nuts will provide a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, sugar, and fiber to help you feel full and energized. The calcium and protein in the nuts and cheese will help you fill up faster, and stay full longer. Try it and you’ll be surprised how filling and energizing a simple and light, lunch can be.

Pasta Salad

It’s no secret how much food gets wasted in the US. As any home cook knows, sometimes the leftovers just don’t get eaten in time. Leftover pasta salad is a great way to incorporate already-cooked food into a light and healthy lunch. If you have some leftover, cooked, plain noodles, then you’re in business. If not, it’s easy enough to cook some up. Though macaroni and penne style noodles work best, a wide variety of noodle types (and even dumplings and pierogies) will work. Whole wheat noodles provide more fiber and protein than white noodles, so they’re your best bet nutritionally. Add some olive oil, veggies, seasoning, and anything else you’d like to the noodles, mix it up, and you’re good to go. This simple dish will provide you with the energy and sustenance you need to get through the afternoon.

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