10 Career Lessons From Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’

Beyonce pretty much broke the Internet with Lemonade because, well, she’s Beyonce and she’s flawless. Here are a few lessons Beyonce can teach us from her visual album that we can employ at work, no “Becky” identifications necessary.

1. Don’t apologize unless you truly should.
Screw up a presentation? Spill coffee in the break room? Then sure, say you’re sorry. But negotiating a raise or delivering an idea in a meeting? Hell, nah.

2. Always unwind after a tough day or a long week.
You deserve it.

3. If you’re in a relationship, make sure it’s with a man who appreciates you and keeps you grounded.
Looks like Hov learned his lesson.

4. Make sure your resume and cover letter reflect who you really are.
Because you’re wonderful.

5. Shine a light on your achievements.
Don’t wait for someone else to notice. Toot your own damn horn for once.

6. Set an example for the Blue Ivys of the world.
How can you look at that face and let her down?

7. Stand up for your fellow females.
Lift each other up, whether it’s passing along a reference and a resume for a friend of a friend or demanding equal pay to close that damn gap.

8. Don’t be afraid to speak out on injustice.
Make a statement. Use your platform for good.

9. Don’t tolerate any bullshit.
Sure, you may not want to use blunt force trauma or property damage to do so, but make it clear that you, like Beyonce, are not one with whom to be messed.

10. Slay.
Or someone else will.

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